Monday, March 22, 2010

Runing does not equal loosing weight.

I had an appointment with my Gym's personal trainer on Friday. She showed my how to use the machines and gave me a plan to target each muscle group. Today I worked out my arms, and my core. It feels good to actually know what I'm doing! :) I also did 5 miles. I didn't have my headphones to listen to the TV, and could not take the treadmill. I stopped at 2.5 miles and did the other 2.5 on the elliptical. That counts, right? I'm excited to start seeing results doing weights, hopefully in a near future. I'm also going to attempt counting calories this week. It's so frustrating to see the numbers on the scale at a complete stop even though I'm runing crazy miles training for this marathon. It used to work, back when I first started running after my first baby, I was also nursing and the pounds just seemed to melt away with just running a lot less miles than I do now. Maybe my body has gotten used to running and needs to be challenged in a different way to kick off and start loosing weight with exercise again, that and I guess I will have to start dieting. Blah!

Does this happen to anybody else? Do you run and loose weight or are you kind of just stuck like me? And what do you do that works?

Happy running! and if you are one of the luck ones; Happy running and loosing weight!


  1. Great job on your 20 miler!

    I like you am running and not losing! I used to lose so easily when I was nursing and running. I am just hoping it is all turning to muscle! I think I could use some cross-training too. But so far running is the most convenient for me with four kiddos at home. (I homeschool.)

    Sorry I don't have any advice! I'll see what others say . . .

    Happy Monday.

  2. You run and you homeschool! You are a super mom! I want to be like you when I grow up!