Thursday, March 18, 2010

18 miles: check!

My 18 miler last weekend went great! Great weather, great company, great time! Being able to finish strong gives you such a high. I'm feeling confident that I will be able to finish this marathon. It will be great!

Today I went for a speed work out and surprised myself. I was able to shave 30 seconds off my 800's. Yay! I had not done my Yassos in  2 weeks and decided to do them this week instead of a 7 miles tempo run with the group. I guess the saying is true "If you want to run faster run with faster people" I've only been running with the group for 4 weeks now? and I'm definitely seeing the results. I'm excited!

Doing 20 miles this Saturday.  Most of the group is running Moab this Saturday, and I don't know who will show up to run this weekend. I might have to do this alone, will see how that goes.


  1. Congrats on 18 miles. I haven't done that many miles in a long time! I ran my first marathon in the fall of 2007. We had moved mid-training and I had to leave all my running partners behind. It was so sad. I had to do all my long runs alone and I really started to slow down. I managed to run the marathon but the next time I train for one I will have to have some partners for the whole training!

    So with that said I hope you have at least one person to run the 20 miler with this weekend!

    I agree with you about running with those who run faster really helps increase your own speed. I have a new partner (since December) and she is FAST - faster than I probably will ever be - but she has helped me get back to running in the 9's rather than 10's!

    Good luck on Saturday.

    Oh, how come you are already on mile 20 when your marathon isn't for 90 days?

    Happy running!

  2. Way to go! Like I keep saying... you are so lucky to run with a group. At least I have a running partner. I've done the alone thing for the training and it isn't nearly as fun. So I hope there will be at least one person there for you! I'm sure you're gonna rock that marathon and really surprise yourself! And 30 seconds is huge!

  3. Judi: Good question! I must have been half way asleep when I did that and then every other time I saw it. Wow! 90 days looked better than 28. It's crunch time! EEK! Thanks for bringing that to my attention by the way.

    Thanks Jen! The group has been a good thing for me, you are lucky to have a running buddy though. I wish I had one.