Thursday, March 4, 2010

Not sure I'll do this again

 Cool picture I took after being done with my run. That little white dot behind that cloud is the moon.
I went out on my 8 mile tempo run, all alone this morning. It was very scary to be running alone in the dark at 5:30 am. My heart was beating fast and my breathing was very heavy, and it wasn't because of how fast I was running just to get out of that little 2 mile canyon stretch, I was really scared and nervous, I was even shaking a little bit, all the while thinking "What in the heck am I doing!?" and battling in my head whether I should turn around and go home and trying to gather the courage to keep going and just get it over with. My heart almost stopped when I saw and heard something moving behind the trees; two deer! I could picture in my head someone jumping from behind a bush. I was sure I would not make it out of there alive. Where were all the other runners we always come accross (Mrs J's been injured and could not make it ) That was the one thing that got me out there, thinking that there is always so many people on that route. Not today! Well, as you can see I did make it out alive, and I'm glad no one had to find the note I left in my car with my whereabouts, you know, in case I went missing.  I do think is amazing how you can get away from busy downtown Salt Lake City and back to the peace and quite of nature in just a couple of minutes though.

On a bright note. One of the things I love about this route is the view of the city below. Before the sun comes up you can see the city lights just as bright as you would at night, it all changes within minutes right before your eyes. The lights begin to disappear and the sky becomes alive with shades of blue, and pink. A good way to start the day., scare and all.

The capitol at 7 am. Wondering what all those people in suits do in there. It sure looks like a fun place to work at.
**Note to self: "Do not go up the scary trail alone at 5:30 am again!**


  1. I'm like you, I get freaked out when running alone!

  2. I'm a wuzz. Better safe than sorry, right?