Saturday, January 23, 2010

On Sugar

Today makes it 21 days on the sugar free diet for me. Let me rephrase that "sugar free challenge." For some reason if I think of it as a challenge instead of a diet a feel more driven and motivated to do it.

Someone asked me to remind her of the benefits of eating sugar free when everyone else was eating yummy food, hehe! I feels that way to me too.  So I did a little research to help shed some light on the subject and found a lot of information. I narrowed it down to these three articles, all very informative and educating.

This one talks about the ugly truth about sugar:

This one is a little more simple and talks more about the benefits of going sugarless:

This is a list of examples for Simple and Complex Carbohydrates:

I hope this answers your question! Oh, and think happy thoughts. That helps too :)

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  1. Thanks! I just needed a reminder. I'm still going strong and I will admit the cravings are a little less. We went to the movies and I didn't die not getting a treat when everyone else was. Yesterday was tough when my son made cookies and that smell filled the whole house. But I still made it. I'm like you, sugar challenge makes it seem easier than saying diet. You're awesome!