Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cross training and stuff

I created this blog to keep track of my progress, training, miles, and just to be able to look back through it and see the things I can accomplish that I once thought I couldn't or was too afraid to try. Every single mile stone of my running "carrier" has been exactly that. Something that I didn't know I could do or was afraid to try once. I also hope to inspire someone, just one person. I know I have been inspired by many, so this can be my little way of paying it forward. 

On another note. Today was a cross training day. As I have stated in the past, on my other personal blog, I suck at cross training. I'm really bad at it. I just don't have the same motivation to do anyother type of exercise than running.  I think running running doesn't really take a special skill or knowledge at least to get you started,  like lifting weights or yoga, or pilates, to do those I need an instructor or someone to tell me how many reps to do, etc. Running is more about pushing yourself on your own terms and being in touch with  your body, and mind. Sure there are things like posture and speed work, but I didn't know or care about any of those when I first started and I could still run pretty decently, I think. Anyway,  I suck at cross training. I went to the gym today specifically for that and I didn't know what to do. So I just got on the elliptical for 3 miles, then tried to do some of the machines to work my arms, but wasn't really feeling it  and pretty much just gave up and came home. I signed up for an appointment with a personal trainer next week on my way out, I'm sure that will help.

On my plans for my long run this weekend. I will be sticking to our original (my running buddy and mine) training schedule, instead of the running group's. I have been freaking out about our schedule not being there with everyone else's. Everyone else's is already at 12ish miles and ours is at 8 this coming week, but we will get there eventually. I think that is because we are doing a 16 week schedule instead of a 25 week which I see a lot of people do.

On another note. The 30 day sugar free challenge is going good. I am 18 days into it and feeling great. I am kind of bummed on the weight I have lost though. Not much. I have only lost 3 lbs. Last time I lost 4 lbs in the first week only, and 8 lbs total. I don't see that happening this time and I have been very strict, VERY STRICT. We'll see how that goes. Maybe I'll start keeping a food diary in here as well.

Anyway.Got to run! Ha!

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